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Libation Bearer

As a certified sommelier, I love to share the beauty of wine. 

My only regret in life is that I did not drink
  more wine.”  Ernest Hemingway

Gourmet Bites and Sips

Experience the beauty of New Mexico and Estate grown wines at a local vineyard. 

We will meet at a local vineyard and tour the vineyard grounds where there are ancient petroglyphs as well. Your host, a credentialed sommelier and culinarian, will guide a tasting of five wines with tapas from locally sourced ingredients. Wine tips will be shared throughout the experience. The charcuterie box is a snack or light lunch with each ingredient chosen for pairing and comparing.


Sommelier Services

Wine Menu Consulting


I work alongside your culinary team to design a wine menu that compliments the food and embodies your vision of venue and guest experience. After all, the wine list is often your guests' first impression. 

Pairing Menu

I creatively design pairings for tasting menus. I can also choose the wine. I have created menus for tasting rooms and events. I work with you to design a menu from locally sourced products, design the recipes, train staff to create the menu items and present to guests.

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