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Purposeful and Beautiful

Artisinal & Adventure-bound Friends of the Creative & Culinary Community here in Dixon

Situated within the Embudo River Valley

the Land of Enchantment ~ New Mexico


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The Dixon Studio Tour

The Dixon Studio Tour is one of the oldest continuously run studio tours in the state. Dixon, nestled in the Embudo Valley in Northern New Mexico where the Rio Embudo flows into the Rio Grande, has been long known for its rich Native American and Hispanic heritage, productive farm lands and pastoral beauty. During the last 30+ years many artists moved to the valley to pursue their artistic talent and a simpler way of life.

In 1982 two of these artists decided that there was a need for more connection with the buying public in a more intimate setting than the craft fairs and the galleries provided. The first year was a great success and the crowds have been coming ever since. People love to come to the little village of Dixon and wander among the orchards and visit the open studios and local businesses featuring a full spectrum of contemporary and traditional fine art and crafts.

The Dixon Studio Tour is a cooperative effort with the various artists performing all of the jobs from preparing the map to painting signs as well as coordinating the whole event. The local community has also been included with the formation of "The Mercado" which takes place at the public school and features many home grown and homemade local products. The "Collected Works" show, features an outstanding piece of work by each of the artists on the tour.

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Embudo Fabric Design

Hi, I'm Joan, the potholder designer, and printer.
I live and work in a beautiful adobe house that my husband Ken, built in the old hippy days. We are located in a quiet arroyo 20 miles south of Taos in the foothills of the Sangre De Christo mountains. It's wonderful to be able to work here at home in this beautiful setting…
I hand print original drawings -generally at least four different screen for each image- onto muslin, using water based non-toxic dyes from Color Craft Ltd… Next, Aymy assembles them into potholders and tortilla warmers, in her home in Taos … and finally, Yvonne sews them up and then serges them for a professional finish … I've been designing and painting fabric since 1975, and silk-screening potholders since 1992…
There are 54 different drawings so far and more on the way … If you would like to order one, or more, just click onto the image you want and it will enlarge and offer a shopping cart/paypal option … I'll send them out as soon as I receive your order …

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2020 TOUR DATES: SEPTEMBER 19 & 20 | SEPTEMBER 26 & 27

High Road Artisans of New Mexico promotes the region's history, cutures, & fine artwork, via the annual HRA Studio Tour. 60 miles of the HIgh Road to Taos - a breathtaking landscape featuring the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Carson National Forest, the land grant villages & pueblo along its path.




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After nearly 400 years of grape growing and wine production in New Mexico, this wine region is refreshing the industry once again, from the varietals, creating wines with depth and diversity that are reflective of the region and its varied people. Our multi-cultural grape industry has a heritage established by Native Americans, Spanish, Italian, French, German and native New Mexican families who carry on this refined tradition. Visit our website for festival schedules and maps.


New Mexico Rafting Adventures

Since our founding, we have consistently offered the most professional, fun and safest river adventures in the area.  We set the bar for Guide Training each year.  We are proud to have an incredible group of Guides and Staff that offer the highest quality guest service available in New Mexico.  Because of this, we have been lucky enough to be The Highest Rated Rafting Company on both Trip Advisor and Yelp. 

Our River Headquarters

We are the only Outfitter to offer a full-service Headquarters directly across from the river.  We have brought our 25 years of experience working on rivers across the country and around the world to New Mexico.  This broad experience shines through with everything we do and each day it begins at our Headquarters.  Unlike the rest, we offer safe and secure parking with a full-service shop for any last minute items or souvenirs you need.  We offer nothing but the best and newest gear available for both performance on the river and your comfort in mind.  

We were the first outfitter to bring Stand Up Paddleboarding to the Rio Grande and Rio Chama.   As well, we pioneered the remote and challenging Razorblades section of the Upper Rio Grade.

We also are the only company, which has its own photography staff.  We don’t want you to miss seeing any of the action of the day. 

black mesa logo.png

Black Mesa Winery

Black Mesa Winery has won many  awards, including double gold, gold, best in category, best in show and best in class. That's just in the last seven years!


This may be hard to believe, but drinking isn't the only thing you can do at Black Mesa Winery!

Walk the labyrinth. There's a bench there to rest, if the need arises. 

Watch the hummingbirds under the portal edge out their feathered friends for food.

Take a self-guided tour of the petroglyphs. Yep, we have over 300 on our property. Try to       figure out what each represents.

Of course all of these activities are best enjoyed with award-winning wine, hard apple cider or craft beer. Add cheese and charcuterie or hummus from the tasting room and have yourself a picnic

It is a nice time of year to visit. See you soon! 

New Wave logo.png

New Wave Rafting

The Rio Grande & Rio Chama

Since 1980, New Mexico's top river outfitter. We offer family-friendly trips from the mildest to the wildest.

Our Trips

New Wave Rafting Co. provides half-day, full-day and multi-day rafting and funyaking trips from March through the Labor Day weekend.

»Watch Our Summer Fun Video«

Our Rivers

“Wild and Scenic” describes the rivers of northern New Mexico. The Rio Grande thunders in the depths of a precipitous gorge, while the Rio Chama flows more sedately through a canyon of multi-hued sandstone cliffs.


Vivác Winery

 The Professionals at Vivác Winery have a commitment to excellence & are the Highest Rated Red Wine Producers in New Mexico's History! Fresh & young, edgy & sophisticated, Vivác offers you something out of the ordinary!

With an elegant gallery of contemporary art, an in-house Chocolatier offering sumptuous truffles, an in-house Fromagére making hand crafted cheeses & Happy Hour Season (Spring/Summer/ Fall) with live music, Vivác Winery is a destination like no other.

Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project

The Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project (MPPP), a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1999, the MPPP documents, protects and sustains endangered archaeological treasures in the northern Rio Grande Valley.

The MPPP seeks to preserve petroglyphs on Mesa Prieta through education of the local community and others, and recording what may be well over 100,000 rock images on the mesa.

Mesa Prieta - The Place

About 3.3 million years ago, a fissure near Pilar vented molten lava which flowed about 25 miles south on top of the river-cobble and sand which forms the Santa Fe Group, a sedimentary deposition comprising eroded material from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  When the hot lava cooled, it formed a hard canoe-shaped basalt layer.  As the Rio Grande began to flow about 440,000 years ago, it eroded the softer landscape around the basalt layer, eventually leaving the protected mesa cap towering one thousand feet above the river basin, as it is today.   



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Dixon CoOp Logo.png

Dixon Co-Op Market & Deli

The Co-Op began at a community meeting where the question was asked, "Will this village support a grocery store?". A board of directors was formed at that meeting, a farmers market was established and in 2 years with lots of help from lots of people, the answer became YES, we can and will support a store.
Our Mission: Using cooperative principles, the Mission of the Dixon Cooperative Market is to serve the citizens of the greater Embudo Valley by offering a wide variety of quality foods and consumer products at reasonable prices, to invigorate the local economy by supporting local growers and producers, to improve the quality of life and the health of our community through educational outreach, and to foster positive community involvement in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.
The Dixon Cooperative Market is governed by the 7 Cooperative principles:
•Voluntary and open membership  •Member economic participation •Democratic member control •Autonomy and independence •We provide the community with education, training and information. •Cooperation among cooperatives. •Concern for the community.

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