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“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.”

— Michael Broadbent


As the COVID restrictions began to lift last summer, we started to evaluate the experiences at our winery and decided we wanted to add some creative offerings including a wine and food pairing. Lisa Ann is known to us locally and has a successful air b'n'b where she is known for farm-to-table culinary experiences.


Her reputation prompted us to reach out to her to come up with some food pairings for our wines. As a result, she created two mouth-watering pairings including a crostini featuring whipped feta, local honey, and pistachios that paired flawlessly with a variety of our white wines, and a whipped blue cheese with candied pecans that pair fabulously with our popular chocolate dessert wine.


Because of the success of these pairings, we decided to consult with her again on a wine and food pairing that would elevate our estate wines in an upcoming tour offering. When the Estate Tour and Tasting are officially launched this Spring, I have no doubt the pairings will be a hit!



Black Mesa Winery



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