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A Year Off ??

I just wrote a beautiful post and my computer died and it is gone. I will try to recreate it.

In the spring of 2020, I was all set to open the season with two yurts available for the BnB and Farm to Table Experience. I previously lived in the Mongolian yurt off grid and had a Colorado yurt for guest space with grid power. I could not travel over the winter of 2019-2020 because my yurt needed a new cover and my car needed a lot. There was no money for traveling left. I spent the winter locally with a friend to take a break from the hardship of yurt winter living off grid and I was lonely. Well COVID 19 brought all three of my incomes to a screaming halt. I could not open either the BnB or the Farm to Table Experience and the little bit of nursing consulting that I did stopped as the facility closed temporarily and then permanently.

I was back on the property in the spring and so were my adult children and their partners. I purchased a bell tent because I was considering adding one to the BnB so I thought that I would test drive it. It is beautiful and when the weather was good it was quite lovely. I also woke up coughing many times while using the four dog night wood stove during colder weather. It is a great stay during beautiful weather, but I do not recommend seasonal living. It will only be available during warm weather for BnB bookings.

We planted a great deal of food, I was asked to start and manage a local farmers' market and I started studying for my intermediate sommelier. No wonder in hind sight, I neglected my blog and website. Whew!

I was able to spend this winter in Florida with family and friends and I continued to gain sailing experience. I obtained ASA 103 and 104. It is clear to me now that sailing will be a lifetime endeavor. I will never know it all. My intention is to live in the yurt three seasons and live on a sailboat during winter where it is warm...Gotta have dreams!

I am back on the property in my Mongolian yurt and preparing to open the BnB and Farm to Table Experience next month. I have also received a grant from Women of the Vine and J Gallo to study for my advanced sommelier. Last years Farmers' Market was a success and a new season will start in May as well. I have made some changes to my Mongolian yurt for comfort. I think after living off grid for four years that I have proved my badassness. I now have a beautiful window purchased through Groovy Yurts. When my daughter and her partner were in the yurt last year, we ran power to it because he was a musician. I have decided to leave it in place and I have even added a refrigerator! I know...I am getting soft. I am ok with it though. At 54 years young, a few comforts are appreciated. I sprained my shoulder multiple times. The initial injury was from using the maul. I will not be doing that anymore.

I will continue to create Beauty and Community through living a Purposeful Life. This past year has created many struggles and hardships for humanity, but I think it has also created a desire for a more authentic and sustainable life. It is time to connect to our environment and each other. It is time to meet in the middle and stop the extreme polarization. I believe in humanity.

Let me know if you have topics that you would like to me to create content about. I have gleaned a great deal of hard earned knowledge living in my beautiful YURT!


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